Project Description

Crystal Ball

Howaldtsweke-Deutsche Werft

Martin Francis developed the 140-metre long Crystal Ball concept with Howaldtsweke-Deutsche Werft (HDW), based in Kiel, Germany. The yacht with an almost completely glazed superstructure served HDW as a “concept yacht” reference for future clients. As early as 2007, Martin Francis recognised what would be a trend years later: Owners would want as much architectural glass as possible on a large yacht. First to flood the rooms with as much natural light as possible, and also to create a vivid experience of being at open sea.

In the stern of the main deck, below the huge terraces, the hybrid diesel-electric powered yacht has a 10-metre swimming pool, flanked by numerous outdoor furniture pieces. The space is used to transport large yacht tenders during transatlantic voyages. As with ZEUS, Francis placed the Owner’s suite above the bridge; the cabin is joined on the same level by an office, a breakfast room, and an Owner’s salon. The concept has an underwater observation lounge built into the bulbous bow to observe dolphins and other marine life.