Project Description

Beach Club

The idea of designing a floating Beach Club was presented by Martin Francis to a well-known Italian hotel which lacked a beach for its guests. The vessel is approximately 30 metres long and has a wide, flat staircase in the stern, which reaches into the water. Guests can swim comfortably in either the pool or the sea, where they are protected by a net from jelly fish or sharks. The mobile pool is approximately 20 metres long and ten metres wide.

In spite of the high standard of equipment for a floating Beach Club, the costs for such a project would be quite manageable. Martin Francis calculated the project with a construction budget of almost three million euros. It is a simple steel hull and the technology to be installed is relatively straightforward. Generators provide the power supply; small motors provide a top speed about about five knots. This allows the Beach Club to move from bay to bay and offer guests a constantly changing scenery. While the restaurant, pool and bar are located on the main deck, wellness fans can be accommodated on the lower deck.