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Treehugger looks at Vitsœ's factory in the context of Dieter Ram's design principles, and Vitsœ's wider aesthetic and ecological values.

Architecture Today covers the design elements and sustainability credentials of Vitsœ's new timber-constructed factory, designed by Vitsœ and Martin Francis.

In praise of Vitsœ's new factory in Royal Leamington Spa, designed by Vitsœ and Martin Francis, dezeen takes a closer look at the building's adaptability and flexibility of design.

Martin Francis in conversation with Vitsœ's Dieter Rams at the opening of their new facility. We wish Vitsœ every success in their new home.

Wallpaper* magazine visits Vitsœ's new spacious "utopian workspace" by Vitsœ and Martin Francis.

The Telegraph mentions Martin Francis in an interview with Vitsœ's Managing Director, Mark Adams.

Marcus Krall, Editor-in-Chief of Boote Exclusiv, selects Enigma for the publication's March-April cover (editorial in German).

The Superyacht Report talks to Martin Francis about the lasting appeal and enduring innovations on board Enigma.

Stewart Campbell of Boat International pays tribute to the extraordinary Enigma, 25 years after her launch.


December 2015

Throwback Thursday: as we draw close on the last day of a successful 2015, here's a glimpse back to the early stages of construction of the Pyramid at the Louvre Museum in Paris, 1989. Martin Francis created a solution for a life-size maquette by having four cables hung from a crane, for I. M. Pei to visualise the main Pyramid in relation to the Museum, and in preparation for Jacques Chirac's visit to the site. The Pyramid is an example of glass cable-bracing pioneered by Martin and his former firm, RFR.

We wish our clients, partners and friends a very enjoyable and successful 2016.

Boat International
Design Heroes

October 2015

Boat International speaks to renowned yacht designers about their favourite design items, and publishes an article on a hand-crafted Venetian forcola in Martin's collection.

Salt by Swarovski
Making Waves

Spring/Summer 2015

Swarovski's inhouse magazine, Salt, talks to Martin Francis about his career in yacht design, and how his artistic influences have inspired his latest Surfaces Collection at Swarovski.

The Cult of Luxury

March 2015

Forbes discusses yachts in its series "The Cult of Luxury" and focuses on superyachts A and Enigma.

Boat International
Lunch with Martin Francis

January 2015

Two years after sitting down for lunch with Martin Francis in 2013, leading yacht magazine Boat International reprises its series of rendez-vous with yacht designers, and meets Martin in his Riviera residence.

Swarovski collaborates with yacht architect Martin Francis to create a new series of tactile surfaces.

Meer und Yachten
Insight into the Future of the Yacht World

July 2013

German magazine Meer und Yachten publishes an article "Insight into the Future of the Yacht World" and features Martin Francis foremost as one of the most influential and innovative yacht designers. The July 2013 issue highlights our design of a 130-meter motor and sail boat.

Silver Arrows Marine launches a new web site with a video of the project development.

Boat International
Lunch with Martin Francis

January 2013
Boat International 2013

Boat International speaks to Martin Francis against the backdrop of the Galeries des Arcades in Biot on the French Riviera. This month's issue reveals his story through yachting and architecture, with a special feature on his artwork, art collection, and collaborations on the iPad version.

Silver Arrows Marine

January 2013

Silver Arrows Marine, in partnership with Mercedes-Benz Style, commissions a 14-meter yacht design. Inspired by Mercedes-Benz's Silver Arrows racing cars in the 1930s, Francis Design has designed the yacht with an innovative hull whose form gives it greater mobility and speed. The concept was revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show 2012.

"[On the] new yacht, called simply A... the 390-foot craft's bow is angled inward, resembling a submarine or a sleek locomotive; the control center soars from the stern rather than the middle of the boat."

Yachts International
On the "A" List

August 2008

Grace Trofa of Yachts International speaks to Martin Francis in-depth following the launch of Yacht A.

Boat International 25th Anniversary Special Issue
25 Influential People
25 Significant Yachts

June 2008

Boat International runs a special feature in its 25th Anniversary Jubilee Special Issue. Martin Francis is named one of the 25 most influential people in the world of yachting. Francis Design also receives recognition as designer and architect of Senses and Enigma, two of the 25 most significant superyachts.

The Architects' Journal

April 1986

Architects' Journal ran a 14-page feature on Martin Francis and reviewed his architectural and designs innovations to date. The work featured includes his designs from his furniture, glass engineering, and naval design portfolio.