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Swarovski collaborates with yacht architect Martin Francis to create a new series of tactile surfaces.

Silver Arrows Marine

04 March 2013

Silver Arrows Marine launch their new web site with videos of the project development.

Lunch at Les Arcades Biot

Boat International speaks to Martin Francis against the backdrop of the Galeries des Arcades in Biot on the French Riviera. This month's issue reveals his story through yachting and architecture, with a special feature on his artwork, art collection, and collaborations on the iPad version.


Silver Arrows Marine

01 January 2013

A 14-meter yacht design has been commissioned by Silver Arrows Marine, a new company named after Mercedes-Benz's Silver Arrows racing cars in the 1930s. Styled by Mercedes-Benz Style, Francis Design has designed the yacht with an innovative hull whose form gives it greater mobility and speed. The yacht was revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show 2012.